GA friends community

Gaudeamus Foundation Friends’ Society

Quotation from the notice written in 2003:

“I had the idea of establishing the Friends’ Society which would partly assure the running of the hostel. I think there are many people who are interested in the problem of the hostel and the Hungarian education.

Not only private persons but also institutions or other establishments (where our ex-students hold leading positions) can become members of the society.

The terms of the membership are the following: to send 100€ / year, or the equivalent of this sum in Lei to the society’s bank account. (the sum can be paid in installments too.)

We can also sign a sponsorship contract, if required.

The foundation assures publicity for the members of Friends’ Society and for their firms. If the members are private entrepreneurs, they will get a written report every year about the way their donations have been used, and a small annual festivity will be organized for them . I’ve also thought of editing a small book with the members’ names and other data the persons think they want to make public.”

The Friends’ Society was established on 12th October 2003 ,on the 10th anniversary of the Gaudeamus Foundation. Since then the meetings have been held annually and since 2006 one of the valuable paintings of the artist Sz.Kovacs Geza can be won by drawing lots.

Time has proved that without the support of the Friends’ Society we would have been forced to close the hostel. Due to the support of the society we offered scholarships to 40 needy students, and they were able to learn in their mother tongue.

The number of the members varies year by year.

In 2008 we had members in four countries. We number 56 persons and 7 institutions.

Many members support the foundation and the hostel with material donations.

Segesvár, February 5th, 2009

Farkas Miklós, Director