– A computer lab was provided with the necessary equipment and computer science has been taught in our high school since 1995/1996

– Financial support has been offered to eminent students and to the needy ones. The expense of their accomodation and transport has fully or partly been compensated.

In the past few years we supported more than 250 students. Most of themare studying at various universities and colleges.

– We offered moral and financial support to students who achieved good results. They were offered special scholarships, rewards, diplomas, book awards,benefit trips inside the country and abroad (since 1994)

– We encouraged our students to take part in cultural and sports competitions

– We supported the Kikerics folk dance group, organising performances at home and abroad (since 1993)

In 2004 the “Kikerics Cultural Organization” was established and it gained its independent status. The group has almost 200 members and the children perform their activity under the guiding of Mr. and Mrs Borbely- Kiss.

– We established partnerhsips with schools from Hungary (Keszthely, Heviz, Kiskunfelegyhaza, Bekescsaba) as well as with other schools from our country and abroad

– We created a small library of about 3000 volumes

– We organised commemorative programmes on the 35th and the 40th anniversary of the high school’s Hungarian section (May 1995 and May 2000) . On the 10th anniversary of the Gaudeamus Foundation the Kikerics folk group had a gala performance (October 11th 2003), there was a festivity (October 12th) and a conference of the representatives of Hungarian high school (October 17, 18, 19)

– The Friends’ Society of the Gaudeamus Foundation was established on October 12th 2003

The number of members in 2009: 7 institutions and 57 individuals

The number of members in 2010: 7 institutions and 67 individuals

The number of members in 2011: 7 institutions and 65 individuals

The number of members in 2012 : 7 institutions and 62 individuals

– We organised a summer camp for Hungarian children from Moldavia in July 2004

– We organised summer courses for Maths tearchers in July 2005, as well as for German and Geography teachers in July 2006.

– Thanks to the financial support of the Illyes Foundation and School Foundation a building was bought and a hostel has been run since 1992. At present 52 students are offered aproppiate accomodation and learning conditions.

– We built new bedrooms in the attic in 2000.

– We have organised computer science courses and foreign language (German, English) courses. (since 2001)

– We extanded the financial support of commuters to the primary school students too; for children who commute from the surrounding villages (Feheregyhaza, Nagybun, Hejjasfalva)

– We have organised 8-10 classical music concerts in a season, since 2004.

With the support of Apaczai Foundation we managed to build a new building including a modern kitchen, a canteen, new bedrooms, and two flats for teachers. In the other wing there are 8 modern bedrooms and a meeting room holding 150- 200 persons. In this accomplishment we were also supported by H.NIERMANN FOUNDATION, Dusseldorf, by HOMELAND FOUNDATION, Budapest, by ILLYES FOUNDATION as well as by the LOCAL COUNCIL. We succeeded in solving the student’s meals and their accommodation has become even more comfortable for 56 persons.

We think that learning about one’s native culture is of utmost importance. Consequently we organized around 50 cultural performances annually such as: plays, concerts, scientific conferences, book presentations, author-reader encounters, students’ performances, reciting contests. The number of participants was more than 2000 every year.

After the construction was completed the name of our institution was changed into Gaudeamus House- Educational and Cultural Centre.

We don’t get governmental support, therefore we’d like to contribute to the tremendous costs of the hostel by holding conferences or by lodging tourists. During the weekends and school holidays we can receive tourist groups assuring their accommodation and meals(for groups of at least 30 persons).

To acomplissh our goals and to run the hostel cost a lot of money which is covered by applications, donations, and our own funds.(tourism, courses.)

The Gaudeamus Foundation is directed by a board of 7 members:

1. Farkas Miklós, retired teacher, director.

2. Veress Zsombor, pharmacist, deputy dirrector.

3. László Imola, teacher project leader, responsible for the scholarships.

4. Székely Julianna, accountant, economist.

5. Lőrincz Éva, assurance agent, cashier.

6. Birtalan Levente, private enterpreneur member, in charge of the constructions

7. Szász Izolda, lawyer member, responsible for legal issues.

8. Toth Tivadar, director of the Hungarian section, has consultation right.

The members of the board make decisions and do the administration voluntarily.

The members of the Supervising Committee are:

Albert Júlia, economist, president

Törös-Vig Csilla, economist

Mezei Elemér, lecturer

Farkas Miklós director

 Segesvár, 2013.01.01.